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Green Apple

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Christmastime and green apples may not seem like the traditional pairing, but by taking our pure cane sugar Green Apple soda and pairing it with a little gingerbread s yrup, you have a timeless holiday drink that will have your friends begging for more.

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Taste: Lightly carbonated, a crisp taste, juicy sweet with a refreshing flavor made with pure cane sugar and 100% caffeine free.

Package Size: 24/355 ml twist top glass bottles per case

Marketing attributes: Green Apple is seen as a fall fruit. The acidity mellows significantly, after which it takes on a balanced flavor, great for making cider. Also known as the granny smith, native to Australia, Green Apple is used to make candies, liquors and of course apple pie. Worldwide, 69 million tons of apples are consumed each year.